Get support

21st Century Thame is a group with a constitution designed to apply for grants from regional and national funding bodies. We have been successful in applying for grants in the past.

You might have thought about an event or an activity that you feel would be great in Thame but it’s a daunting prospect to start it up on your own.

We are here to help.

21st Century Thame has multi-event insurance which can cover many events throughout the year. So run your event or activity as part of 21st Century Thame and the insurance problems can go away.

Will there be accounting needed for your event ? Take payments and pay suppliers ? Run your event as 21st Century Thame and we have a bank account and auditing in place.

Does your event need a road closure ? We have people and contacts who have applied for road closures so we can help there too.

Come talk to us about your great ideas and make it easier for you to get them off the ground.